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Buy viagra cialis online uk -

Fair Play Policy for Junior Members

  • Players compete for enjoyment and to improve performance, not just to please their coach or parent.
  • Where rules apply players should try to understand them and stick to them.
  • Players accept the decisions of coaches and officials.
  • Players will control their tempers at all times
  • Players will be good sports. They will cheer all good play, whether it’s our players / team or an opponent.
  • The aim of the game is to have fun, improve skills and to feel good.
  • Players will work hard for themselves and their teammates.
  • Players will treat all players as they would like to be treated. They will not bully or take unfair advantage of any player.
  • Players will co-operate with the coaches, teammates and opponents. Without them there is no game.

Photography & Filming Consent

In accordance with our Child Protection Policy we will not permit photographs, videos or other images of young people to be taken without consent of the parent or guardian and the player. Rossglass County FC have a designated photographer who regularly updates our website and social media pages and local newspapers following guidelines set down in our Photography and Video Policy. We will take all steps to ensure these images are used only for the purpose they are intended.

You are welcome to read our buy real viagra online cheap.

Copyright Rossglass County FC © 2021
Rossglass County Football Club is a registered charity: buy generic viagra online cheap.

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