Code of Conduct For Players

Code of Conduct For Players

These guidelines have been produced to advise all our members of the standards expected as members of Rossglass County F.C.

1. Behaviour – During training sessions or competitions players should avoid actions which may bring the club or sport into disrepute. Players have a responsibility to report any member whose conduct is likely to bring the club or sport into disrepute.

Players should:

  1. Abide by the Club Constitution and rules of the sport and uphold high standards of fair play and sportsmanship.
  2. Respect the rights and dignity and worth of all and everyone with equality.
  3. Show respect and never overtly criticise officials or helpers.
  4. Have due regard for their personal appearance, language and respect equipment and facilities.
  5. Wear Club colours in competition.

2. Safety

  1. Players should always partake in appropriate warm up and cool down as advised by a coach of Rossglass County FC in order to prepare the body for exercise and to prevent injury.
  2. Always ensure safety guidelines issued by the Club coaches are upheld when using equipment.
  3. Players should report any discrepancies in equipment or facilities to a Rossglass County FC coach or volunteer in order to protect themselves and others e.g. Finding glass on the training area.
  4. Players should avoid wearing rings and jewellery or anything else that would be a danger to themselves or others.

3. Injury or Illness

  1. Players should inform an official or coach of any illness before, during or after an activity whether it is to themselves or others. Players should never be afraid to stop an activity if they are feeling unwell or unable to continue.
  2. Players should avoid any type of training when injured unless advised otherwise by qualified personnel.

4. Club Subscription

  1. Players are requested to pay all Club subscriptions before the closing date advised by the club treasurer. This will ensure they are registered with Rossglass County FC and therefore eligible to compete.
  2. Players who fail to pay the Club subscription will be subject to the disciplinary procedures of the Club Constitution.

5. Younger Players

  1. Players should ensure that their parents know where they are at all times and what time training commences/ends.
  2. Players should be aware that there is a member responsible for dealing with Child Protection who should be consulted as and when necessary.
  3. Players should try to ensure that they arrive punctually for training sessions and inform a member of the coaching staff if they are going to miss training.

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