Our Philosophy

Rossglass County’s football philosophy is one where every single player and team at the club is given the opportunity to develop their talent to the best of their ability.

We aim to create a fun, enjoyable, yet challenging environment where players learn to have the confidence to be creative and express themselves freely.

All players are encouraged to feel comfortable and get on the ball as often as possible. They are encouraged to take risks and not to worry about making mistakes.

Players will perform with a minimum of interference from the sidelines. Coaching sessions during the week are the coaches’ time to impart their knowledge in a positive manner. On match days, the coach is mainly an observer, imparting encouragement as required.

Coaches reinforce to their players the fact that there is no merit in winning at all costs, accepting defeat gracefully and winning with dignity. While we stress that ‘winning is not always important,’ we also emphasize that ‘wanting to win’ IS important.

Ultimately, we are a competitive football club and will strive to win every game, BUT we always aim to do so in a manner that is consistent with our philosophy

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