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Rossglass County Football Club was established in 1996 in County Down, Northern Ireland.

We have two senior teams, 5 junior teams and our “little nippers” programme. We have provided football to children of all ages and ability during that time.

Some of our players have gone on to play in the Irish League and at higher levels. We offer quality coaching and competitive football in the Downpatrick area and welcome new players throughout the year regardless of age and ability.

We believe football is for everyone to be enjoyed by everyone.

Our Philosophy

Rossglass County’s football philosophy is one where every single player and team at the club is given the opportunity to develop their talent to the best of their ability. We aim to create a fun, enjoyable, yet challenging environment where players learn to have the confidence to be creative and express themselves freely.

All players are encouraged to feel comfortable and get on the ball as often as possible. They are encouraged to take risks and not to worry about making mistakes.

buy generic viagra online usa

Mission Statement

The Mission of Rossglass County FC is to enhance the footballing experience of players and coaches throughout the Downpatrick area.  We exist to provide our players with the opportunity to develop both as footballers and as people by fostering personal belief in their ability.   We aim to provide the highest levels of quality football training for the players and to enhance their social, emotional and physical health in a positive and safe environment.

Why Rossglass County F.C.?

There are many reasons why you may want to choose to play for Rossglass County F.C. or choose it for the player in your family. Rossglass is for those players who wish to develop their football skills in a fun, safe and developmental environment.

We have dedicated trained coaches to every age group.   We have produced age appropriate coaching activities for all our age groups.

We have excellent player development programmes which caters for players from the age of 5 and upwards. The club has teams at every age group from our little nippers right up to under 17 who can then develop from the Downpatrick Youth League to our senior teams who compete in the Newcastle & District Amateur League.

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Committee Members

The club has an overall committee, which is responsible for developing the strategy of the club, financial administration, ensuring child protection and dealing with disciplinary issues.
The current committee for 2018/2019 season comprises of:

Ciara Tumelty – Secretary
Fintan Bradley – Treasurer / Public Relations / Merchandise
Philip Campbell – Safeguarding Children Officer
Damien Branningan – Chairperson
Oran Tumelty – Registration Secretary
Ollie Burke – Assistant Treasurer
Trish McMullan – Committee Member
Darren Teggart – Committee Member
Gerard Dowds – Committee Member
Louise Farrand Committee Member
Danny McGarrity – Committee Member
Declan Quinn – Committee Member
Marc Burke – Committee Member

The Committee looks forward to meeting new players, parents and guardians every year. We are always looking for more volunteers to help out the club in coaching and non-coaching positions and encourage parents and players to take an active role in the club. Whether helping to clean the kit, carrying water bottles, coaching a team or helping with the administration, there is a job for you.  We provide support and training for anyone willing to give up some of their free time.

You are welcome to read our buy cheap viagra online from india.

Copyright Rossglass County FC © 2021
Rossglass County Football Club is a registered charity: best place to buy viagra online reviews 2013. reviews

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