Mini Soccer Ethos

Mini Soccer

The IFA in conjunction with UEFA are encouraging all clubs to develop an ethos of giving children a “sport for life” that they will enjoy participating in no matter what their technical ability.

Rossglass County FC fully endorses this ethos and has established a mini soccer and “little nippers” programme that allows children from the age of 4 to 8 to play in a structured programme of fixtures with other mini soccer and “little kicker” teams.

Mini soccer is designed especially for children, with fewer players competing on a smaller-sized pitch. The aim is to meet the developmental needs of younger football players whilst maintaining a strong focus on maximum participation and enjoyment.

The matches are fun games that encourage players to have more contact with the ball. As there are fewer players on the pitch and the pitches are smaller this means that each player has more opportunity to take part in the game and to develop their skills.

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