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Can you buy viagra over the counter ireland,

Winner in Last Man Standing Competition

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Over 40 players, coaches, parents and friends of Rossglass took part in our hugely popular Last Man Standing competition. It only took 4 weeks to get down to the last two!

Manchester United’s recent run of bad form over those 4 weeks reduced the field dramatically and yesterday we were left with two finalists Simon McGarry and Cormac “Bouffant” McLaughlin. As we were going into the International break it was suggested that the two guys might want to share the prize money or risk losing it all. Very sportingly both men agreed and will share the winning pot. The club will throw in a couple of our sports bags too.

This gesture will allow the club to set up a new competition after the International break. We hope you enjoyed it and will join again for a bit of fun.

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Copyright Rossglass County FC © 2021
Rossglass County Football Club is a registered charity: buy viagra soft tabs online.

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