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Where can i buy viagra over the counter in canada,

Rossglass raise funds for Matthew Fitzpatrick!

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Recently Rossglass County applied for a grant from the Aviva Community Fund to help fund the Rossglass Community Cup football tournament and raise funds for Matthew Fitzpatrick’s physiotherapy. Young Mathew is 5 years old, has cerebral palsy and is currently in a wheelchair. Matthew doesn’t let his disability get in the way of enjoying life but for Mathew’s parents, their wish is that he can eventually leave his wheelchair behind him and walk unaided.  Mathew needs more physiotherapy and as a community club, we wanted to support him and his family by providing assistance to help continue his treatment and visits to the hospital.

The Clubs’ project made it through to the final stages of the application process having received almost 2500 votes from the local community. However when it came to the judging panel unfortunately we came up just short. Though we were disappointed with the result it wasn’t all bad news. While we didn’t receive the grant we applied for, the Judging panel decided to award Rossglass £500 for the effort that was put into the proposal.

The club have decided that we will donate the £500 to young Matthew’s continued physiotherapy to allow him to pursue his goal of learning to walk. We would like to thank everyone who voted for our project. We will continue to explore other avenues to fund the tournament.

You are welcome to read our buy cheap brand viagra online.

Copyright Rossglass County FC © 2021
Rossglass County Football Club is a registered charity: buy viagra soft tabs online.

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