Euro 21 Score Predictor

Welcome to our EURO 21 Predictor Fundraiser

The domestic football season is over! What have you to look forward to…and Irish summer full of rain? Here is your chance to predict the winners and losers in all matches and decide how this years tournament will finish.

It’s also your chance to win to some money! Unlike Last Man Standing where you could fall at the first hurdle, our Euro score predictor game makes sure everyone makes it to the final. There are prizes for first (£150) and for the person who comes second last (£50). (It’s easy to come in last place!)

This fundraiser is open to anyone who wants to enter, so please feel free to pass this on to anyone whom you think would like to take part.  Easy to play…simply predict the score of each game and accumulate points along the way.

Below is a links to the Klubfunder website, where you can logon and join the competition.

Play EURO 21 Score Predictor

See below for further details on game rules.

Game Rules

How to play

Competition Scoring Rules:

  • 1. If the match result from your prediction is correct you earn 2 points, e.g Team 1 beat Team 2 and your result predicts a Team 1 win.
  • 2. For each team score in a match you earn 10 points if you predict correctly, e.g. if you predict both teams correctly you earn 20 points.
  • 3. If you manage to get the result and each teams score correct you earn an additional 20 point bonus.
  • 4. You are predicting the Score for after Normal Time.

£10 to enter the competition. You can enter as many times as you like. £150 jackpot for first place! £50 for coming second last!

Play EURO 21 Score Predictor

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