Club Merchandise now on Sale

Club Merchandise now on Sale

Club Merchandise now on Sale

The Club Shop is now open for a limited time selling the new range of merchandise for the coming season. 

Rossglass County F.C has teamed up with Klubfunder and German sports manufacturer Ulhsport to provide this new range of merchandise.  As part of the deal, each year, Rossglass will receive training packs which include balls, cones, bibs etc, vital equipment for our players’ development.

Uhlsport you may have noticed were the kit manufacturer for Tunisia at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This year we have introduced money saving “Academy Packs” that include most of our popular items. These packs are great for our players attending training sessions, matches and tournaments. Many of our tops can also be personalised with initials, to help with identification especially for the younger ones who may mislay their kit after training.

As well as the usual clothing items we have also introduced new 30l and 50l kit bags, footballs that would make great Christmas presents and hats and scarves to keep our young football stars wrapped up cosy in winter. We think the new gear looks great, it feels good and it will make sure our men, boys and girls are turned out in tip-top shape.

It’s important to stress that unlike the English Premiership football clubs our merchandise is not a fundraiser for the club, in fact, it is subsidised so that we can bring good quality items to our players and members at a reasonable cost.

Please have a browse through our shop and hopefully, you will find something you will like and be proud to wear as a member of Rossglass County F.C.

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