Help Rossglass Secure Funding for Community Cup

Help Rossglass Secure Funding for Community Cup

Help Rossglass Secure Funding for Community Cup

Rossglass County have applied for a funding grant from the Aviva Community Fund to host a tournament for 5 and 6 year olds while raising money for one special little boy! And we need your help. We need votes from the public to get us through to the final judging round.

Please vote for our project. Your support is much appreciated.

The idea for the tournament came from one of our committee members and club treasurer, Amy Farrand, whose husband Joe has played for Rossglass since he was a small boy. Amy and Joe have a nephew, Matthew who was born 10 weeks prematurely and as a result suffers from cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a terrible neurological condition that affects a child’s movement, motor skills and movement. Currently there is no cure but there are various treatment options that can help children like Matthew enjoy a better quality of life.

Matthew is 5 years old and currently in a wheelchair.  He has just started primary 1. He is a lovely, happy child with a great smile (check out pictures with his mum and best friend) and extremely popular with not just his classmates but the other pupils in his school. He doesn’t let his disability get in the way of enjoying life but for Matthew’s parents their wish is that he can eventually leave his wheelchair behind him and walk unaided.

Recently Matthew and his parents travelled to Alder Hay Children’s Hospital in Liverpool so he could undergo Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery to improve his function and mobility.

However Matthew needs more treatment and physiotherapy and as a community club we would like to support him and his family by providing financial aid to help continue his treatment and visits to Alder Hay.

Matthew is a big fan of football and Rossglass County and has watched his uncle play many times. We thought the best way we could help Matthew is to bring together children of his age to participate and celebrate in our Community Football Tournament. To run a tournament of this size with 24 teams, just to cover costs we would have to charge a huge entrance fee for each team. A grant from the Aviva Community fund would ensure we could put on the best event possible and allow each team invited to participate.

The format of the tournament would ensure each team would get to a semi-final, we would have 6 trophies up for grabs and every child would go home with a medal, memento and great memories from the day. More importantly it will bring our rural community together to share in a young boy’s love of football and perhaps help him to walk unaided one day, which would be the best gift we could give him and his family.

Please vote for this project. Your support is much appreciated. Vote here

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