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The buy pfizer viagra online usa is now open for a limited time selling the new range of merchandise for the coming season. 

Rossglass County F.C has teamed up with Klubfunder and German sports manufacturer Ulhsport to provide this new range of merchandise.  As part of the deal, each year, Rossglass will receive training packs which include balls, cones, bibs etc, vital equipment for our players’ development.

Uhlsport you may have noticed were the kit manufacturer for Tunisia at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This year we have introduced money saving how can you buy real viagra online in usa that include most of our popular items. These packs are great for our players attending training sessions, matches and tournaments. Many of our tops can also be personalised with initials, to help with identification especially for the younger ones who may mislay their kit after training.

As well as the usual clothing items we have also introduced new 30l and 50l where can i buy viagra online cheap, buy cheap viagra online next day delivery that would make great Christmas presents and hats and buy real viagra online cheap to keep our young football stars wrapped up cosy in winter. We think the new gear looks great, it feels good and it will make sure our men, boys and girls are turned out in tip-top shape.

It’s important to stress that unlike the English Premiership football clubs our merchandise is not a fundraiser for the club, in fact, it is subsidised so that we can bring good quality items to our players and members at a reasonable cost.

Please have a browse through our buy generic viagra online cheap and hopefully, you will find something you will like and be proud to wear as a member of Rossglass County F.C.

buy cheap viagra online australia

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Membership of Rossglass County for the coming season is now open and we would ask all old players and new ones to register as soon as possible. In the past, we have relied on players and parents filling in copious amounts of paper forms but we have now introduced onto our new website online membership registration.

This has proved quite timely as the Irish Football Association which we are affiliated to, has also moved to online registration and we are compelled to adopt their system.  We hope that this will make it easier for everyone to get their membership up to date as soon as possible.

Membership is open to all from the age of 5, subject to acceptance/ approval of an application by the Steering Committee. Our annual membership fees have been set at a very modest level and one of the cheapest in County Down to ensure that cost is no obstacle to membership and football is open to all.

Cost for a Junior member – First Kickers to Under 17 level:                  £15

Senior Players:                                                                                                                    £30

The club sets the fees in accordance with what we are charged by outside bodies which include affiliations, insurance, council fees for matches and referee fees. The fees, however, do not cover the full cost of running Rossglass County and providing our high standard of coaching and football opportunities to you and your child.

Please remember that for insurance purposes, membership registration must be completed prior to participation in a training session, match or club event.

You can register now on our website right best place to buy viagra online reviews 2013.

If you would like to read our code of conducts for players, parents and coaches, please click reviews.



best place to buy generic viagra online reviews

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On Saturday, 4th August 2018, Rossglass County will be holding their inaugural Football Tournament and Charity Fun Day at the Red High 4G pitches in Downpatrick.

The Tournament is open to 2012’s, Under 6 (First Kickers) and 2010’s, Under 8’s and will be divided into two sections – blue and green. Rossglass County’s philosophy has always been about giving all kids the chance to play football no matter what their ability and we hope this tournament will allow the boys and girls, to play in a fun and enjoyable environment.

With that in mind, we thought why not have a “fun day” to go along with the football –  there will be more than enough to keep the kids and their families entertained when they’re not on the pitch from bouncy castles to face painting and we’ll top it all off with a summer barbecue.

The Tournament is limited to 24 teams in the First Kickers section and there will be specially commissioned commemorative medals for every player, so please register your interest as soon as possible. Irish League champions Crusaders, East Belfast and Glentoran have already booked their places.  The cost per team is £35  and you can pay your registration fee buy sublingual viagra or click on the blue button.

Part of the proceeds raised on the day will be going to buy brand name viagra online. Northern Ireland’s only premature and vulnerable baby viagra brand online

We hope to see you there for what’s going to be a great festival of junior football fun while also helping TinyLife provide practical and emotional support to the families of babies born too soon!

buy brand viagra online canada

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The date has been set for Rossglass County FC’s Annual General Meeting – Monday 11th June at 7.00pm, Downpatrick Leisure Centre.

The club is keen to involve as many people as possible in the running of our club. We wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the volunteers who freely give up their time to provide football to all our kids.

We invite players, parents and guardians, members and non-members to come along and have your say on how the club goes forward. We would be delighted to see as many people as possible there on the night.

Your club, Your kids….have your say!

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Well done to Rossglass County Under 15’s on winning the DYL Cup for 2018.

In a tense affair against our neighbours Coney Island the game finished 2-2 with Coney Island equalising in the last few minutes. Heartbreak for  the young county team to concede so late on but they had to pick themselves up again as the game went straight to penalties.

Fionn McCall and Christopher Walsh got the goals in the 90 minutes for Rossglass while goalkeeper Lorcan Ritchie pulled off some great saves. County went on to win 4-2 in a gripping penalty shootout. Watch the final penalty and the wild celebrations buy generic viagra super force online

Captain Fionn McCall was fabulous for County and all his efforts were rewarded when he lifted the Cup and the man of the match award.

Well done to all the lads and in particular to the coaches Darren Teggart and Harry Walsh for guiding this young County team to success.

buy pfizer brand viagra online

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Each year Rossglass County FC present the Jordan Murdock memorial trophy at our annual awards. Jordan was a very promising young footballer for our Under 15’s when he tragically lost his life in 2004.

The trophy is awarded to a young player who achieves something special during the footballing season.  This year the trophy went to Keeley McCullough. Keeley was the only girl in our Under 8 team this year but competed on a level par with the boys. She captained the team on many occasions and even went unbeaten in one of the mini soccer mornings at the Red High.

Keeley is very popular with all her teammates and is a worthy winner. Well done Keeley, well and truly deserved.

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Rossglass County FC held their end of season awards at Denvirs Hotel, Downpatrick, Saturday 12th May. It was a great occasion and celebrated the success of the club and players over the past 10 months. The club would like to thank Denvirs for their hospitality and looking after us so well on the night.

The award winners on the night were presented with their trophys by Ollie Burke, Firsts Manager and Club Chairman:

Marc Burke, Top Goalscorer and Young Player of the Year.

Chris Hamilton, Club Man of the Year. 








Oran Tumelty, Players’ Player of the Year.

Ryan Tumelty, Manager’s player of the Year.








Well done to all the players in particular the prize winners.

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Winners on the night were:

Rossglass County FC 2nds: Stuart Traynor, Top Goalscorer and Players’ Player of the Year.

Paul McGarry, Club Man of the Year.Rossglass County End of Season Awards








Matthew McKee, Manager’s Young Player of the Year.Rossglass County End of Season Awards



James Cusack, Manager’s Player of the Year.

Rossglass County End of Season Awards






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Danny McGarrity presented Fintan Bradley with the Club Person of the Year award at the club’s annual presentation night which took place on Saturday 12th May. This was in recognition of his work for Rossglass County FC throughout the year. Well done Fintan, thoroughly deserved.

You are welcome to read our buy generic viagra online canada.

Copyright Rossglass County FC © 2021
Rossglass County Football Club is a registered charity: buy real viagra online canada.

buy cheap viagra online canada

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