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Rossglass County Seniors are back in pre-season training, Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 7pm and 12 noon on a Saturday at Dunleath playing pitches. All existing players are expected to attend and we would very happily welcome any new players looking to join the senior set up.


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Rossglass County took part in the Valley Rangers 7-aside tournament last Saturday afternoon. The guys got off to a great start with a two nil win over Mourne Rovers with Cailean Toner and James Cusack getting themselves on the scoresheet. The second game saw a 1-1 draw with Valley Swifts, Cormac McLaughlin getting the Rossglass goal but two defeats by Valley Coaches and Dunnaman saw County exit the tournament.

All in all it was a good run out for the boys, despite the results and the sunburn, we would like to extend our thanks to Valley Rangers for their hospitality.

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Rossglass County Under 13s produced their best performance of the season to overcome a battling Strangford side in what ended as a 4-0 victory for the blues. It was a result that belies the competitiveness of the match and it was Darragh Gordon who was the chief architect of the victory with a wonderful hat-trick. Gordon got County off to a flying start when, in the opening minutes, he broke forward down Strangford’s right wing to calmly slot the ball home.

Eamon Tierney made it two early in the second half when he scored a cracker, bursting through from midfield before planting an unstoppable shot into the top corner. Rossglass played with an experimental system of 5-3-2 and it paid off with a rare clean sheet, primarily founded upon a strong back three of Finn O’Neill, Mark Curran and Aidan Brannigan, who worked together to snuff out Strangford’s efforts at forging a shot at goal.

County’s wing backs were also superb with Robert Napier and Man of the Match, Declan O’Connor stemming numerous Strangford attacks down the flanks. Ryan Gordon was magnificent at the centre of midfield, but in truth, he was all over the park and he was instrumental in his brother’s second goal, floating over a beautiful cross from the right wing that looked goal bound before  Darragh finished it off with a fine header.

Luke Fitzpatrick also put in a commanding midfield performance and James Tumelty showed his usual flair on the ball while adding a tenacious dimension to his game. In goal, Shay Curran dealt with any danger in consummate fashion and KJ McCullough showed some great skill in an unaccustomed forward role. Daniel McMullan was also given responsibility up front and he chased everything down tirelessly in a commendable team performance.

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Our 9 year old superstar Annie Montgomery has just been selected to take part in the Irish football Association’s Elite Girls’ development programme. Annie is a pupil at St. Brigid’s Primary school and plays for our Under 10 team in the small sided games in the Downpatrick Youth League.

Annie is a box to box midfielder, who has an eye for goal. She started her career with Celtic Bhoys at the age of six but moved to Rossglass where her dad BJ played his football. BJ has an eye for goal himself having scored two goals for the Rossglass over 35’s in a 3-1 win over Ballynagross.

“She really enjoys scoring goals and can play anywhere” said BJ, “Annie was enjoying her time at Celtic Bhoys but moved to Rossglass to get more game time and under coach Danny McGarrity hasn’t looked back. She is a great wee worker, willing to learn the tricks of the trade and takes everything in her stride,” he added.

“Ideally Annie would love to play in a girls’ only side, but she knows how to mix it with the best come Sunday morning. She is in a mixed team and can handle herself.”

What a talent! We are very lucky to have her!
Everyone at Rossglass wishes Annie the best of luck.

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Recently Rossglass County applied for a grant from the Aviva Community Fund to help fund the Rossglass Community Cup football tournament and raise funds for Matthew Fitzpatrick’s physiotherapy. Young Mathew is 5 years old, has cerebral palsy and is currently in a wheelchair. Matthew doesn’t let his disability get in the way of enjoying life but for Mathew’s parents, their wish is that he can eventually leave his wheelchair behind him and walk unaided.  Mathew needs more physiotherapy and as a community club, we wanted to support him and his family by providing assistance to help continue his treatment and visits to the hospital.

The Clubs’ project made it through to the final stages of the application process having received almost 2500 votes from the local community. However when it came to the judging panel unfortunately we came up just short. Though we were disappointed with the result it wasn’t all bad news. While we didn’t receive the grant we applied for, the Judging panel decided to award Rossglass £500 for the effort that was put into the proposal.

The club have decided that we will donate the £500 to young Matthew’s continued physiotherapy to allow him to pursue his goal of learning to walk. We would like to thank everyone who voted for our project. We will continue to explore other avenues to fund the tournament. reviews

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There was a special treat in store for the Rossglass County First Kickers and Under 8’s when Santa made a surprise visit to their Christmas Party last night. The kids had an amazing night of fun and games with Jenny from Downpatrick Sports Centre. The kids entertained Santa with a rendition of “Jingle Bells” and it’s fair to say that they’re a better football team than a choir, but you couldn’t fault their effort!

Santa gave the kids selection boxes, a small treat before their real gifts arrive on Christmas morning.

The club would like to thank Jenny and Tony from the Sports Centre for being fabulous hosts once again, the parents for all their support throughout the year and of course the big man himself who travelled all the way from the North Pole to make that special visit.

We hope to see all the kids back in the New Year raring to go!

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It was a very special day last Saturday for the boys and girls of Rossglass County Under 10 and Under 8 youth teams. Both travelled to Solitude in Belfast at the bequest of Cliftonville FC to play their junior sides at half time in the Irish League game against Glenavon. It was a wonderful experience for the kids to come up against quality opposition, to play in a proper football stadium and get to watch a wonderful game of football in which Cliftonville won 4-2.

Unfortunately both teams suffered defeats but they can truly be proud of their performances. The Under 10’s found it difficult against the slick passing and movement of their opposition and suffered a 2-0 defeat, while the 2012’s went down 4-2 in a fantastic game of football.

In the 2012 game, Cliftonville raced in to a 2-0 lead and things looked ominous for the young County side. A superb goal by the Cliftonville left winger had the crowd on their feet cheering but not to be outdone Rossglass fought back to level things up at 2-2 and to quieten the home crowd. Some tough tacking in midfield from Fionn McCargo broke down a Cliftonville attack and a neat pass that split their defence allowed Fintan McLaughlin to race through one on one with the keeper and coolly slot home. Rossglass now had their tails up and once again it was Fintan McLaughlin who found the back of the net. From a clearance young McLaughlin let the ball bounce, and then struck a beautiful shot which flew over the hand of the outstretched keeper and into the top corner. At this stage it was all County with Conor Bradley and Sé Tumelty running the midfield and Eoin Stranney solid at the back. But the class of Cliftonville started to show as the young legs began to tire. Ethan Murphy in nets made a wonderful save diving to his right and tipping the ball round the post from a thunderous shot but there was nothing he could do for Cliftonville’s final two goals.

The boys were disappointed to come away with a defeat some remarking that had there been a second half County would surely have won, which says a lot for the team’s confidence. It was a wonderful day for the kids and one they will all remember for a long time to come. The kids were a credit to their families on and off the pitch.

The club would like to extend our thanks to Cliftonville F.C. for looking after our kids so well and their Head of Academy, Marc Smyth for the invitation and making the dreams of our kids come true. buy brand name viagra online

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Do i need a prescription to buy viagra online, Is buying viagra online dangerous

The Club will be distributing raffle tickets for the Rossglass County Christmas Draw. Tickets are £1 each and we have some fabulous prizes on offer including a top prize of a Luxury gourmet Christmas Eve Hamper.

We would be grateful if you could sell or buy as many as you possibly can.

Prizes Include:

Luxury Christmas Hamper

Festive Wine Hamper

£50 Gift Voucher for Sports Direct

Gun Powder Irish Gin Gift Set

Jameson Whiskey & Butlers Chocolate Whiskey Truffles

The draw will take place on Saturday 22nd December just in time for Christmas.

Good Luck.


You are welcome to read our where can i buy brand viagra.

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Rossglass County Football Club is a registered charity: buy viagra cialis levitra online.

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